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Should the teenage driving age be raised to 18? Disputes over whether to raise the driving age have been a rising hot topic of discussion. Over the past few years, teen driving habits have been closely studied and driving fatalities among adolescents have been rising more and more every year. In fact, the largest proportion of adolescent injuries and fatalities are due to motor vehicle accidents, most are due to the influence of peers, drugs, and/or alcohol. (Digest, 2008) More than 5,000 teenagers die in car accidents every year. (Digest, 2008) A way to solve this problem would be to raise the legal driving age should be raised to 18 years old. The typical 16 year old does not usually have the maturity to handle such a huge responsibility as driving. Having your sixteenth birthday seems so sweet and fun. What could be better than getting your license? Car shopping? Having the freedom to drive yourself around and do anything and go anywhere you want is every teen’s dream. But, in reality, there are many chances teens are taking with having this responsibility, and for most teens, they do not take it seriously. One problem is that teens fail to see certain behaviors as dangerous. (Digest, 2008)In high school, students wake up early, go to school for the majority of the day, possibly have a sports or recreational practice, and go home for dinner and homework. In this situation, is there really a need for students to have cars? At the high school level, having a car isn’t always necessary. Even if parents cannot provide transportation, that is what school buses are for. It is completely understandable that most teenagers want a car to drive around so that they can have their own freedoms. But statistics prove that it is really too dangerous and not so necessary. (Loughry, 2004) It is so easy for most parents to give their child a car and let them drive

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