Driving Essay

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Florida does not do enough to prevent distracted driving. According to the National Safety Council, texting while driving causes about 1.6 million crashes per year. Distracted driving has become a widespread issue. State legislators, school boards, police divisions, and community leaders all around the state, even the country, should attempt to put an end to all of these destructive incidents. There’s only a $30 fine when you’re caught texting and driving. Many people believe that the price of the fine should be increased. Maybe if there is a severe consequence for texting and driving, then people will finally learn their lesson. The state of Florida can do an exceedingly better job at promoting the seriousness of distracted driving. Many people know that a lot is put on the line when they are distracting themselves and driving all at once. Too many people have lost their lives from tragic incidents. They must have self-restraint and authority over themselves to not text and drive. It’s extremely selfish to not be mindful of everyone around you when you drive. Although we have partial fault in the incidents that occur on a daily basis, the state needs to be more involved in the texting and driving matter. Until people accept that the use of cellphones, radios, and other technology is not safe while diving, accidents will continue to occur. Our state should have better campaigning to prevent texting and driving. Hopefully this will bring light onto a situation that is very often overlooked by all types of people. The same educational efforts that are aimed at ensuring that all teen drivers know how dangerous texting and driving is need to be aimed at adults as well. All age groups need to be aware that they are putting other lives as well as their own lives at a huge risk. Florida needs to realize that they can make a difference and they can raise awareness to

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