Driving Essay

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Harley Wolfe Christy Russel English 52 23 September 2014 Driving Made Easy Driving in America has changed so much during the past century. There was a time you as a driver did everything while driving a car, now the car does everything for you. The technological advancements car manufactures have discovered and created make us drivers lazier and sometimes careless. Cars can start by themselves instead of having us put a key in the ignition to turn it on. If you are not paying attention to the traffic in front of you the car will automatically apply the brakes and slow its self down for you. Cars will also increase or decrease your cruise control speed based on the flow of traffic around you. Automobile manufactures are designing cars that do not require much from the actual driver; they can do most things for the driver. As, a result of that, today’s drivers can be considered incompetent to drive their own vehicles. Chevys are the main vehicles that you can start automatically without being inside the car. They have a specific procedure that you can perform on the key remote. All you do is press the unlock button twice, and then hold it and the car will start. There are also car manufactures that offer that special add-on as well. If your car does not come with that feature you can get an aftermarket alarm system that has the ability to start the car automatically. With your car already on and warmed up all you need to do is get inside and drive away. The disadvantage of that add-on is if you push the buttons on the remote you can start it without knowing it. Starting the car unintentionally is very common and it usually results in a dead battery or no more gasoline in the car. As a result of being able to start your car before you get inside of it, is making us dependent on the lazy add-on. We do not realize what the add-on is doing to our mindsets at the

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