“Drivers Wanted” Campaign

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1. What was the secret to the success of the “Drivers Wanted” Campaign? The secret to the success of the “Drivers Wanted” Campaign was to apply what the Arnold team learned from the in-depth research of the Volkswagen (VW) customer. They got an insight about which markets to target, how to position the product and how to make the brand important and relevant. In order words, capturing the essence of the brand was the foundation for the “Driver’s Wanted” Campaign. The team suggested it was important to capture the mental and emotional benefits the VW provided. The benefits of driving the VW brand was that the car was distinct, appealing and it was the only brand that offered the benefits of German engineering and affordably. Additionally, it was a completely different driving experience – drivers wanted to be more connected to the road and world. In terms of positioning they wanted their car to represent a brand which was “invitational and approachable”. They branded their car to consumers about the unique driving experience. They wanted the brand to be perceived to be “people’s car” appealing for its affordability. Design a car people wanted to be seen in and feel good to be seen in. The team also knew that they had to figure out what they wanted the brand to stand for and what we didn’t want to stand for. It was important to blend in not only the car but also the experience of driving this specific brand of car and make it a lifetime

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