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Module 3: Natural Forces Affecting the Driver Vocabulary: Please define six (6) of the following terms in your own words. Please do not just copy and paste the definition. 1. Gravity- the force pulling together all matter 2. Inertia- a property of matter that causes it to resist changes in velocity 3. Potential Energy-the energy that a piece of matter has because of its position or because of the arrangement of parts 4. Kinetic Energy- the energy of a body or system with the respect to the motion of the body or particles in the systemt 5. Friction-the resistance of movement between two surface in contact 6. Traction-the action of drawing or pulling a thing over a surface 7. Centrifugal Force-Force that increases with acceleration and pulls it out from the center on a body in circulation motion 8. Centripetal Force-the force that is directed to the center of the curvature. 9. Deceleration- to slow down 10. Force of impact-the force exerted when objects meet. Module 4: Signs, Signals & Pavement Markings 1. Explain the purpose of the following A. The difference between solid and broken lines is: B. Yellow lines (broken or solid) indicate what type of traffic flow: C. White lines (broken or solid) indicate what type of traffic flow:traffic traveling your direction 2. Observe and describe the different signs in YOUR city. Give specific examples of each (include color, shape, what the sign is for, etc.). A. A regulatory sign: rectangular or square with a white or black background and black, white or colored letter. these signs give directions that must be obeyed. B. A motorist services sign:blue rectangle or square are a welcome signs welcome sight for travelers who need a break from the road. C. A recreational sign:Brown recreation signs direct us to areas of public recreation and cultural interest. D. A sign that you know what it means

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