Drivers at Their Worst

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Most drivers nowadays are at their worst when it comes to their driving habits. It is frightening to acknowledge but true, everybody has experienced an encounter with an irresponsible driver at some point, from seeing it in your neighborhood streets, to driving next to one in a highway, and you could even be at risk to come through one in stores parking lots. As of inexperienced, reckless, and irresponsible drivers, many of us are lucky to not be victims of these drivers but there is a big percent that have been seriously injured and even died due to these careless drivers, Dangerous drivers kill people on an everyday basis. There’s a big variety of reasons when it comes to why a driver can be dangerous or have bad driving habits. Inexperienced drivers are mostly young due to being beginners at driving, but there are also different age groups since there are those who never drove in their lives and when they become older also begin to drive, these beginners can be really dangerous since they have and absence of experience in everyday traffic or in various setting’s such as driving at nighttime, during bad weather, and or driving on interstate highways where speeds are much greater; in environment’s like these a new driver can easily make a big mistake leading to a deadly accident. The older drivers also have other disadvantages, like having slower reflexes and minds, causing them a struggle to apprehend difficult situations the correct way, for instance if something were to get in their way, a bad maneuver could result in the driver losing control of the vehicle or making the driver coming behind them wrecking. While the young drivers don’t have the disadvantages, they make other simple beginner mistakes, like jumping in front of traffic thinking they had time to incorporate into their lane without realizing at the speed the cars were coming

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