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American Football and soccer are two popular sports. Soccer is an international and a popular sport which is played worldwide while American football is played only in USA. Both sports have somewhat alike but they have their own unique differences. The first difference is soccer is only played with a feet, no hands or arm should the touch the ball, if a player touch the ball with his/ her hand it will result in penalty, the only player that can use hand is the goal keeper and the goal keeper can’t touch the ball with his/ her hand outside the box. While In football every player can use their hand and feet to play the sport. The second difference is score point, American Football awards six points for carrying the ball into opponent’s end zone by passing, running and catching the ball, one point for kicking the ball through the uprights after a touchdown, three points for a field goal, and two points for tackling a player from the other team with the ball in their own end zone. In soccer points are scored by kicking the ball into the net and in soccer, if a player kicks the ball into his/her net, a point will be given for the other team. The third difference is the time limit. In American Football there are four quarters, each quarters are 15 minutes and there is a half after the second quarter. The game clock stops after frequently between game plays. In soccer the whole game is 90 minutes, 45 minutes for each half of the game and there will added time for to make up for time elapsed during the game. The fourth difference is the ball shape and field size. In American Football the ball is a prolate spheroid shape which is about 11 inches long and about 22 inches in circumference. A soccer ball is spherical shape. The American Football field length is 120 yards and the soccer field length is 100 yards. The fifth differences are protective gears. In Soccer the

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