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Module 3: Natural Forces Affecting the Driver Vocabulary: Please define six (6) of the following terms in your own words. Please do not just copy and paste the definition. 1. Gravity- a force that attract object to the earth. 2. Inertia- tendency will stay the same or to remain unchanged 3. Potential Energy- is the energy that a piece of matter has because of its position or can stored 4. Kinetic Energy- is the energy developed by an object or movement while in motion. 5. Friction- is the opposition of movement between two surfaces in contact 6. Traction-resistance of a tire on a road 7. Centrifugal Force- is the force that pulls out from the center on a body in circular motion 8. Centripetal Force- an object that pull to the center to move with circular motion. 9. Deceleration- reduce the speed 10. Force of impact- is the force generated when objects meet. Module 4: Signs, Signals & Pavement Markings 1. Explain the purpose of the following A. The difference between solid and broken lines is: Solid lines mean that you can pass and the solid line means you cannot pass. B. Yellow lines (broken or solid) indicate what type of traffic flow: divide lines of traffic moving in any direction. C. White lines (broken or solid) indicate what type of traffic flow: Divide the lanes and moving in the same direction. 2. Observe and describe the different signs in YOUR city. Give specific examples of each (include color, shape, what the sign is for, etc.). A. A regulatory sign: B. A motorist services sign: C. A recreational sign: D. A sign that you know what it means because of its shape: *If each of the above signs do not appear in your town then describe any 3 different types you see in your community. 3. Explain 3 interesting or important facts from Module 3 and 4. A. B.
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