Driver Ed Mod 7 Essay

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1. Will I have a vehicle of my own to drive, or will I share? I will share the family car. 2. Who will pay for the insurance and gas? My parents will continue to pay for the insurance and gas. 3. Contact your family’s car insurance company to obtain a cost estimate. How much will you be expected to pay monthly or annually? The insurance costs about 1,000 dollars each year. 4. If you drive 50 miles each week and your car gets 25 miles to the gallon with gas costing $4.00 per gallon, how much gas will you have to buy? To drive the 50 miles you will need 2 gallons of gas, costing 8 dollars. 5. If you get paid $8.00 per hour at your job and insurance is $200 a month, how many hours will you have to work to pay for insurance? Each month, you would have to work 25 hours to pay for the insurance. 6. Will your parents set restrictions on your driving such as the hours of the day you can drive or how many passengers you can have in the car? If so, please include restrictions. Yes, I will only be able to drive during the day and accompanied by an adult. 7. Will your parents allow you to drive to school, work or on major highways? How far from home can you drive? Please include where you will be allowed to drive. I can drive to church, to school, and within a 3 mile radius of the house. 8. Never text and drive! Discuss with your parents the use of your cell phone when driving. Explain to them the one situation when it would be appropriate to talk on your cell phone. Then write the situation you spoke with them about. I told them that I would only use the phone in an emergency situation to call

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