Driver awareness and Mental Health

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There are many risks that teenagers face that may be caused by Drug Abuse, Mental Health and Driver awareness. These risks can lead to physical, emotional and social risks. A drug is a substance which, when taken, affects the way the mind and/or body works. There are many types of drugs but they can be classified into 3 main groups: they are stimulants, depressants and hallucinogens. There are also many reasons why teenagers may take drugs. To relax, to experiment, because of peer pressure, to rebel, to escape from reality, to celebrate, and many others. Because of the many reasons why teenagers use drugs there are also many risks, such as: overdose on many types of drugs such as heroin where the person slips into a coma and dies, also if the user is sharing needles with another person they are far more likely to become infected with HIV, hepatitis B or hepatitis C. Another risk is if a person is caught with drugs they could face a criminal record, a jail sentence or a fine depending on the type and amount of drugs. There are several things that the drug user’s family, friends and their community can do to help the drug user. Firstly of all the drug user’s family and friends can provide better education to prevent drug abuse in the first place, the community could also provide better rehab and educational facilities that are easy for people in the community to access. A very important subject that faces teenagers is driver awareness. Since there are currently 507,558 license holders in New South Wales with 24,569 of them on a learner’s license. Young drivers in the 17-25 year old category are more than twice as likely to be killed or seriously injured in crashes than other drivers, and young male drivers are three times more likely to be killed or seriously injured than any other age group. Inexperience and overconfidence of the driver are

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