Drive as a Film Noir Essay

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Some say that film noir, as a genre is dead. I like to hold out hope that someday film noir will come back. Until then I can only watch and wait. True many films these days use many of the techniques that made a film noir movie so great but somehow they do not seem to speak to me and yell I am film noir! Maybe it is because it’s not black and white or that it doesn’t have a smoking detective in his office but it feels as though the classic film noir is slipping into darkness. Drive, yet another movie that to me was a conflict. I really enjoyed the movie. It had limited use of dialog throughout most of the movie, which appeals to me as a filmmaker. Where the movie seems to achieve the elements of a film noir is in the technical approach to the movie. If we are considering film noir as a genre and not as a movement of the 40’s to 50’s then the only way to look a movie would be its visual stagey to the movie. One of the quintessential techniques of a film noir movie is the high contrast. Drive did have many high contrast shots, especially the first ten minutes. My hope for the movie being film norish lied in the opening because of all of the darkness that was there. At times, you could only see half of the Driver’s face or just his silhouette. However, throughout the rest of the movie they were inconsistent with using high contrast. Not using a lot of shadows and high contrast is part of what made it not feel like a film noir. However, several things seemed to fit as a film noir movie, complex storyline, vertical angles and urban environment were all things that the Drive seemed to use well. It seemed to take them a while to build a storyline. The beginning of the movie we only had little bits and pieces of information about the people. The second half was all about putting those pieces together and explaining how they related to each other in the storyline. I

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