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Corine McGarty Assignment 3 Revision DWC: Drinking While in College In many colleges and universities today, there are a tremendous number of students who drink. Students believe that now that they are on their own, they can do what they want. They believe that they know when to stop drinking. However, a majority of students in college do not know their limit. Not only is drinking underage illegal, it is also harmful to a person’s body. The average person’s mind finishes developing around the age of twenty-one. Because of this, that is why the drinking age is set at that age. When someone drinks and his or her body is not mature enough to handle the alcohol properly, the body reacts and people pass out, they regret things,…show more content…
It can affect one’s personality, their attitude towards things and towards schoolwork. Students who binge are most likely to miss class. Because of missing class, it results in a decline in their grade. Students who do this even once a month will increase the amount of times they miss class. Students who go to parties and do not drink a lot or students who do drink a lot will eventually enjoy getting drunk at one point. This leads to students’ binge drinking more often, thus leading to missing classes and the decline of their…show more content…
Some colleges offer free videos showing true stories of students at parties who have been drinking and the effects of binge drinking. These videos are shown in hopes to set an example to the other students on what could happen to you if you decide to not only drink, but drink past your limit. Some colleges do no allow drinking in dorms, fraternities or on campus at all. There are also therapists on campus for students who admit to having a problem and want to get help. Students who do go to a therapist blame their drinking habits on academic pressures and peer pressures. Still schools are finding that there is no quick way to control drinking within their

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