Drinking Under 21 Analysis

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Drinking Under 21? After graduating high school and starting college my friends and I were introduced to heavy partying and alcohol consumption. One particular party we attended off campus changed our lives forever when a group of kids we went to school with left the party after they had been binge drinking to go back to their room but they never made it. The car they were driving crashed when the driver failed to negotiate a sharp turn and drove head first into a tree. Everyone in the car was under the age of twenty one and they all died. Should the legal drinking age be lowered from twenty one years old? An author from the New York Times examines the idea of lowering the current drinking age to combat binge drinking in college. In his editorial titled “Colleges and Binge Drinking,” the author reveals to readers that “a group of about 130 college presidents from some of the most prestigious colleges in the United States (U.S.) such as Duke, Dartmouth,…show more content…
Now when students drink they are drinking to become intoxicated as fast as possible. A lot of students partake in flip cup, beer pong and keg stands to help get the night started off drinking heavily. “People need to step up and realize this is not a rite of passage, this is not something we should tolerate and if it keeps going, we’re going to destroy our best and brightest” (5). In conclusion college executives need revaluate their ideas and thoughts of reconsidering the legal drinking age of twenty one. Do they really think that lowering the drinking age would make these students behave any differently? Students will never drink responsibly. In reality the most effective way to reduce binge drinking is not by lowering the drinking age from twenty one it is to simply tell the truth and make sure that young people understand the facts of what can happen to
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