Drinking, Homicide, and Rebellion in Colonial Mexican Villages Essay

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Louis Grande History 121 Professor Wolfe Drinking, Homicide, and Rebellion in Colonial Mexican Villages As we have learned in this class so far, it is that the Spanish conquerors invaded Latin America and forced a culture shock upon the rural, farming Indians of Latin America. Therefore imposing the native people into peasant-like roles and dominating their society. Before I even began to read this book, I knew going into it that it was going to be difficult to get the correct perspective on the native Mexicans’ culture. Very commonly in history books, the stories of the oppressed and less fortunate are actually written by those in a position of power. It is extremely difficult to get a true sense of the illiterate culture that existed since that many of the peoples that lived within that culture were, in fact, illiterate. In an effort to combat this, William B. Taylor turns to researching criminal trials that took place in Colonial Mexico. Through this facet, Taylor was able to take advantage of the vast amounts of interrogation and testimonies of the Colonial people speaking upon their experiences being oppressed. After investigating the criminal records of the eighteenth century colonial period, Taylor was able to compress his study down to three aspects in order to more easily understand their society: drinking, homicide, and rebellion within the peasant community. The Mexican colonial villages within the 18th are very comparable to extended families. They are small communities where everyone knows each other through close, personal relationships. People living within these villages basically live in their own little world. They are not concerned with much that occurs outside of their niche and are usually uninformed of the outside world. When this society is threatened with new ideals and modifications, it tends to band together and fight back. This is

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