Drinking and Driving Army Essay

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Having a night out with friends having a few drinks at the bar or club can be fun and socially beneficial! Although when it comes time for the night to be over and everyone goes home there are some critical decisions that need to be made and put in place beforehand. How are you getting home? Do you have a designated driver? Has that designated driver been drinking? Will you have to call a cab or your chain of command? All these questions you have to ask yourself not, Am I able to drive? There are many dangers and hazards to driving even after a few drinks that you aren’t even “feeling” yet. These dangers include: Fatalities between you, your passengers or the other driver, Tarnished record and the financial toll on your wallet. According to the National Highway Safety Administration, in 2010 there were over ten thousand people that have died by a drunk driver. Seventeen percent of those killed were fourteen years or younger with half of these children being an occupant inside the vehicle of the impaired driver! There are many accidents everyday going on all over the U.S but the sad reality is that thirty one percent of the total number of fatal accidents, involved an alcohol impaired driver. Among those impaired drivers, thirty five percent were between the ages of twenty-one and twenty-four, thirty two percent were between twenty-five and thirty-four and twenty-six percent were between thirty-five and forty-four. By a large percentage, these drivers were driving between the hours of six pm and six am on weekends. Alcohol related driving has caused so many fatalities that you can bet that every fifty-one minutes someone is killed by a drunk driver. Driving impaired is not only dangerous for your life or someone else’s but it’s also dangerous to your civilian AND military record. If you were to drink and drive off a military base, you are subject to be pulled

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