Should Drinking Age be Lowered to 18?

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Lowering the drinking age has been a widely debated topic since the law was passed back in 1984 to set the minimum drinking age to 21. The National Minimum Drinking Age Act of 1984 required all of the states to change their legal drinking age, if the states refused to comply with the law, they would lose money under the Federal Aid Highway Act. (Engs, 1998). One of the strongest proponents of this law was MADD or Mother’s Against Drunk Driving. They believed that making the legal drinking age 21 would lower the number of alcohol-related car crash deaths. The statistics show that the laws currently in place have saved over 25,000 lives. (Brody, 2008). Before the law was passed 56% of young drivers killed in car crash related deaths had an illegal blood-alcohol level. (Brody, 2008). By 2006 that figure had dropped to 25%. (Brody, 2008). MADD also brought about the point that consuming alcohol impairs the development of the brain. (Jolley, 2008). Many people who are against the proposal agree with this logic. They believe that young adults between 18 and 21 years old are not responsible enough to have the privilege of drinking. (Jolley, 2008). They believe that most young adults do not know how to drink responsibly and in moderation. (Jolley, 2008). This can lead to young adults being tempted to buy alcohol for younger teenagers. Many groups that are for lowering the drinking age bring about the reasoning that 18 year olds are awarded all responsibilities of adults except being able to consume alcohol. (Jolley, 2008). They are allowed to vote, buy a house, get married, enter into contracts, do business, bear arms, and defend our country in combat. (Jolley, 2008). Why should they not be allowed to drink? They also believe that the current laws are counter productive. (Jolley, 2008). Most young adults drink because it is illegal. They do it to be rebellious. Some

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