Drinking Age Essay

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Alberto Valest Should the drinking age be lowered? Explain your answer. Realistically, I think that the age for drinking alcohol must not be lowered. Because looking at countries in which it is handled a lower limit let’s say 18 years the problems are the same because the basic problem is not the age for drinking is the education that we are giving to our young people, nowadays we are so occupied and worried about the success that we forget of the more important family, MOM and dad go out to work early in the morning (in some cases are single parents which is more traumatic for young people) and returning late in the evening to continue working in the House from their computers and young people are increasingly more alone in her own home and they can only found the attention they are seeking in the street with their friends; friends that are not understood in their homes to and I wonder how it can be that blind teach to see another blind; it cannot be. So what are these young people going to do to escape from that world that does not try to understand them or listen to them? Simple they are going to look for anything that makes them forget how they are either for a short moment. Some do good things like sports, theatre, etc. but most seek what act more fast alcohol and drugs. So we needed to spend more time with our young people. Personally I would like the age to drink alcohol to be higher because in that way we will have more time to help youth let’s say like 27 years old also it would be interesting to see the reaction of the big of alcoholic beverages producing companies. Currently drinking alcohol starts from age 12, so the strongest stage mainly between 14 to 18 because of the influence of the media also by social coexistence, curiosity and the need to experience new things. “Young people are less mature so emotionally as physically as so they

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