Drinking Age Essay

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Age Restrictions on Alcohol Relative to Military Eligibility For many adults in this country who are signing up to serve and protect our country, it is a very practical career opportunity for many people. When dealing with the military it allows them to grow up, learn responsibility, and it also allows many good benefits such as offering them educational and financial benefits. Within the first year of their enlistment, they are broken down and rebuilt so that they endure many different hardships and strenuous situations that the average civilian (as they call the people who are not in the army) would have no clue about. They are handed a gun, and are taught to kill when necessary; risking their lives for our rights and freedom. With all that they do for us and our country, they are not allowed to drink or have a drink with their counterparts without pending legal consequences. Even though they are old enough to be a war hero and help protect us, they are not able to consume an alcoholic beverage; an ethical issue presenting an array of ethical problems such as, inconsistent respect issues and abuse of given rights. Using an utilitarianism ethical view, I would say that by lowering the drinking age for military members while on military installations would create more good than bad and therefore, young recruits should be given that right as an added signing bonus for their service. The military breeds their recruits to live, breathe, and uphold higher standards than their civilian counterparts for many reasons. The primary reasons being because they will have to endure many more hardships and stressful situations therefore, they will need to be able to make the right decisions during those times no matter what age they are. After training they entrusted with the notion that they may need to step up and take charge at any given moment. Most new

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