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Lowering the Drinking Age Ruth C. Engs is a professor from Indiana University, Bloomington. Engs essay “Why the drinking age should be lowered” argues that the drinking age should be lowered to the age of 18 or 19. Engs supports her argument by providing evidence that research showed a decrease in drinking consumption, which was before the 1987 law that stated that you have to be 21 to drink. This leads to the question, “why is the law still in effect” It doesn’t matter how old people are, if they want to drink they will. Youth drinking is based on rebellion against authority and a symbol of adulthood (Engs). Engs supports lowering the drinking age mostly through logical evidence, but also through ethical appeal. Should young adults (under 21) be able to drink in older and more controlled environments? Being in controlled environments around older and more mature people encourages young adults to drink responsibly. One of the main reasons the drinking age changed to 21, was because teenagers started getting behind the wheel of a car drunk. This problem led to more and more car accidents. If young adults drank in controlled environments, then drinking and driving wouldn't be an issue. Mature role models, that handle their drinking behaviors well, set good examples for young drinkers. For example, if your going to drive home after an occasion, then be smart about the situation and not drink as much. If you happen to over drink then have someone come pick you up or just stay there until your able to drive. Issues can be handled the right way when the environment is older and more controlled. Engs used logical evidence to support her argument. The Nation has tried prohibition legislation twice in the past. Prohibition legislation means restricting or prohibiting the manufacture, transportation, import, export, and sale of alcohol. National Prohibition in the

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