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The drinking age is useless!!! If anything it should get lowered to like 18. It is reasonable to say that this law is broken everyday. All teens just want to fit in and have a good time. Kids and teens are starting to drink at a much younger age. Hell, even 10-13 year olds are trying to fit in with the older kids. I think the main ages are about 15-18 that break the law the most. It's amazing how many will drink or go to a party just to fit in with the "good" crowd. Well to some of us, that's considered the popular crowd. Our parents call them the "bad" crowd with good reason. But seriously… I really don’t think there is a problem with drinking at our age. People just make it seem horrible because there have been too many accidents involving alcohol. Here's what parties look like for teens. A place with no adults around to say what's wrong. There are a bunch of teens of both sexes just wanting to have a fun time, to relax. We’d rather go to a party and drink rather then go see a movie or sit at home and do homework. There might be some hard alcohol but parties aren’t meant to getting you smashed and hammered so you’re puking, just to have a good time and chill with friends. Teens that drink and drive are the basic reason that we have such a high drinking age. But if you think about it, if we drank some alcohol and were responsible. I don’t think that anyone would really care. I’m not saying the parents that think drinking is wrong, are wrong. Most cases they are right. And I'm not trying to say that all teens drink either, but those that do and are stupid enough to say that they can drive home. Those are the ones that ruined our drinking age and put innocent citizens at risk. What’s wrong with having some friends over and drinking as long as you know that they are smart and responsible enough to not drive? If people would

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