Drink Purchase and Size at Starbucks Naturalistic Observation

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Drink Purchase Size and Temperature at Starbucks Selma Chigri La Habra High School Introduction How many people purchase different size drinks and temperature at Starbucks? Many people go to Starbucks each day and the behavior I wanted to observe is how many actually prefer different size and temperature drinks. On May 11,2014 I sat down with a pen and notebook and began to create a chart which include a section for each size and temperature. I began to mark down on my chart each purchase that was done. The Potential Cofounders are the number of people inside Starbucks, the time, the date, the weather, the cost of the size cup, and the arrangement of people. The independent variables is Starbucks and the dependent variable id the size and temperature each person gets. Age will not matter in this observation but the most important part is the size and temperature of the drink was purchased at Starbucks. My hypothesis is that more people prefer cold large sized drinks when the temperature is 81 degrees and come alone to Starbucks. I hypothesis that my data will be sectioned off depending which size and temperature the drinks are purchased. Methods In order to perform a naturalistic observation, I went to Starbucks in the Brea Union Plaza to observe drink purchase size and temperature. On May 11, 2014 at approximately 3:00 pm. I observed about 60 people for 60 minutes. There were 19 males and 31 females present during that period. Without intruding, I watched as these people order their drinks and leave once they got what they wanted. However, I paid close attention to the size and temperature of the drinks as each person would order. My operational definition for drinks purchase size and temperature is the amount of people in the store, time and date. Over the course of the hour, I created a chart to mark the amount of drink

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