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Drink And Drive Essay

  • Submitted by: shubishuka
  • on April 11, 2011
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Central Instance   (in ABAP) = Message server + Enqueue work process

Central Instance   (in Java) = Dispacter + One server

Central services instance (Java) = Java MS + Java ES

Central Instance   (ABAP + Java) = ABAP Message server + Enqueue services + SDM

ICM   uses HTTP. One ICM per server.

Message server manages the list of dispatchers. One MS per sap system

MS + dispatchers used for load balancing

SM50 = overview of work processes

SM51 = overview of ABAP instances. For AS Java = system information from browser.

SM04/AL08 = overview of users loghed-on/for system wide

SM 12 = delete lock entries

SM02 = send messages

SP01 = display spool request

SP02 = display own spool request.

Spool request generated are stored in TEMSe file. Spool request are created by dialog work process or background work process and not spool work process

SM37 – job overview system wide CCSM monitoring.

SM35 = session overview

SU3 = user own data

SM30 = table or object maintenance.

SM36 = backgroung job scheduling

SM13 = update request

AS Java logical components;

  1. Java run time – consists of managers
  2. J2EE
  3. Application server

SAP Start process: DB --- central services – central instance.

ST06   = start saposcol.

SM21 = check the system logs.

RZ11 = sysem parameter overview

SYSTEM PROFILE Start/read sequence: kernel ( default (instance.


Profile : _

RZ10 = profile administration/consistency check.

Operation mode configurations:
  1. create operation mode with transaction RZ04
  2. all active instances are detected and assigned.
  3. allocate operation mode on the work processes.
  4. specify periods for which operation modes are valid or maintain time tables.

AS   Java Configuration tool:
  1. Config Tool
  2. Netweaver Administrator
  3. Visual Administrator
  4. Shell Console Administrator.

Config Tool:
  1. The database must be running...

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