Drilling Essay

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How would you like to see the most beautiful place in America destroyed just for a bit of oil? Last summer, I went to the most spectacular place and came to care deeply about its wildlife. I would hate for that place to be destroyed. I saw bears, moose, salmon, elk, humpback whales, otters and much more in Alaska. I also encountered a hideous, metal snake called the Alaskan Pipeline built in the 1980s to transport oil. Its ugliness sucks the beauty from its surroundings. It cuts through the wilderness like a lumberjack fells trees. If this country were to drill for oil in the Beaufort Sea off the northeastern coast of Alaska, the effect would be felt statewide. We must stop the government from allowing oil companies to drill for oil here. Alaska is one of our last wilderness areas. Future generations should be allowed to enjoy this beautiful state that is home to 800 species of mammals. Drilling would immediately affect 1.5 million acres of Alaska. It would disturb polar bear dens and caribou calving grounds. It would interfere with millions of migratory birds that feed on its tundra plains. It would kill plants and animals that are native to the Beaufort Sea area and the environment would take two decades to recover. If there were a major oil spill, it would decades for the ecosystem to recover, since so many organisms would be contaminated and eventually die. Remember the 1989 catastrophe when the Exxon Valdez spilled 35 million gallons into Prince William Sound? When I was there recently, it was obvious that the area is still recovering. I’ve seen photos of dead marine creatures, as well as sea otters that were completely black from the oil. Now, America, do you want another oil spill to destroy our environment? In addition, those who live off the land would also suffer greatly as a result of the damaged ecosystems in northeast Alaska. They would have a

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