Drill Rigs In The Mine Essay

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1. Introduction The vacation work was conducted at the Anglo Platinum mine in Rustenburg. Anglo Platinum is the largest producer of platinum in the world. During the vacation work the author was assigned a project titled “A critical investigation into the Wassara boxhole drill rig, the Technical Accurate Controlled (TAC) drill rig and Conventional drop raise at Paardekraal shaft”. This project is a requirement of the School of Mining Engineering at the University of the Witwatersrand. 2. Mine Background Paardekraal shaft is one of ten Anglo Platinum shafts that fall under Rustenburg Platinum Mines (RPM) operations. The mine is located about 4km, East of Rustenburg, in the western limb of the Bushveld complex. Figures 1 and 2 below illustrate the location of RPM and Paardekraal shaft respectively. [pic] Figure 1: Location of Rustenburg Platinum Mines (RPM)1 [pic] Figure 2: Location of Paardekraal shaft in the RPM1 The mine has two reefs; Merensky and UG2, which are mined concurrently. Merensky reef and UG2 are mined at lower and upper levels respectively. Merensky reef is mined primarily to produce platinum, while UG2 reef is mined primarily to produce chrome. The reefs dip at about 9-10º. The mine consists of 19 levels; first 10 levels are accessed by a vertical shaft and other 9 levels by a decline shaft. Areas of interest for this Project were in level 14, 16 and 18. The main geological features that are found at Paardekraal shaft are shear zones and faults. 3. Project background Traditional development of steep-dipping orepasses (boxholes) is inherently unsafe and will soon be banned at Anglo Platinum2. Conventional drop raising is a method by which long hole drilling equipment situated in the raise is used to drill the long leg of an orepass usually towards the end of a stub (dog-leg) developed by traditional methods from the crosscut.

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