Drill or Not to Drill Essay

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Recently the United States had the worst oil spills ever in history, and yet we continue to keep drilling and harming human life, animal life and nature as we know it. I do however understand that accidents do happen, but this was a 100% preventable accident. I am curious what the government and British Petroleum are doing to prevent a further situation like this from happening. I do understand that unfortunately this country is so depend on crude oil. However, I think that is the problem to begin with, we rely too much on crude oil. There are many other alternatives in the environment that can be further researched but I think the government is more worried about the dollar figure than our eco system. The United States is one of the biggest and most dependent countries to oil. History itself has shown us the affects of drilling offshore, yes they are rare but, they are very deadly. Oil spills can kill within a matter of minutes. It can take years or even decades to clean up and see rebuilding of its affects. We could put a man on the moon, make cell phones which talk, watch 3D television, but yet we cannot find another source or way to free ourselves from the dependency on oil. My viewpoint on life has always been the same, human life, animal life or even plant life deserves a chance to survive. As a child I was always worried about the environment and our eco system, what will happen to the next generation? If we don’t take care of it now what will it be like when I have children. It is hard to look at opposing sides when you have such a strong emotional feeling behind a subject. I think that I have allowed my emotions to take over and not to allow myself to listen or be introduced to the other side of drilling. I believe I need to put my guards down and take the time to listen and research. There might be more to this discussion but I have not allowed it due

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