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Question: How does the relationship between text and context teach us about common values? Bruce Dawe, depicted as a true blue Australian, was the son of a labourer who abandoned his education and entered head first into the blue-collar industry, working many odd jobs, namely a farmhand, handyman, gardener and postman. This was before he became employed as an Australian airforce pilot himself. Evidently, the context in which Bruce Dawe lived, presented before him many circumstances that exposed him to the difficulties and hardships of the Australian life. In the poem ‘Drifters’ the author, Bruce Dawe, employs the relationship between text and context to educate the audience about the predominant value of belonging that is discussed. In terms…show more content…
Effectively this quote displays the social discrimination prominent in this context, towards the lower classes of the social hierarchy. * Emotive Language: “we couldn’t afford a new house. They don’t want one. They like it here” * This quote demonstrates the class division prevalent in this historical context. * Repetition: “I cant stand waste. Waste of lives, waste if men. That whole thing- anzac – Gallipoli – was a waste. * This quote is effective in exploiting Hughie’s perceptions on war. It denotes he possesses distasteful attitudes towards war. * Symbolism: “And so young Hughie’s going to ride in on his white horse” * The white horse is employed to symbolise a hero and so Hughie is suggested to be a hero in this discourse as he expresses himself to be a promoter of anti-war * Anaphora: “Australians are this, australians are that, Australians make the greatest soldiers” * This anaphora places emphasis on the term ‘Australians’ in the pursuit of identifying what the term actually means. This quote portrays that without the British in the 1950’s context, the Australian identity was just an imitation before migrants became a predominant composition of Australian

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