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2 Dribbling Drills 1) Figure 8 Dribble Stand in the triple threat position (feet roughly shoulder width apart, one foot ahead of the other, knees bent). Using your right hand, dribble the ball around your right foot from front to back. Once the ball reaches between your legs, switch to your left hand and dribble the ball around your left foot. Each time the ball comes back to the center, switch hands and dribble around the other foot, keeping the ball just a few inches off the ground with the dribble. 2) 2-Ball Dribble Drills Two ball drills are some of the best possible drills for improving your ball handling skills. Start by dribbling both balls from the baseline up to the free throw line, with both basketballs hitting the ground at the same time. Once you…show more content…
Shoot five shots (physical practice) 2. Picture five successful shots in your mind (mental practice) 3. Shoot five more shots (physical) 4. Close your eyes and picture five successful shots (mental) 5. Open your eyes and shoot five (physical) 6. Take five real shots with your eyes closed (physical and mental) 7. Open your eyes and shoot five (physical) When you start doing this drill, stay close to the basket and go at a nice slow pace so you can focus on using the proper shooting techniques 2 passing drills 1) Chest passes Here's a great drill for working on throwing good chest passes. Stand about six to eight feet apart from a teammate and throw a chest pass, stepping forward with your right foot, fully extending your arms, and flicking your wrist as you make the pass. Your teammate will make the same pass back to you. 2) Bounce passes To practice bounce passes, stand about six to eight feet apart from a teammate and throw a bounce pass. The bounce pass should hit the ground about 2/3'rds of the way to your teammate and bounce up so it gets to the player around waist level. Just as you do with a chest pass, step forward with one leg as you make the

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