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As point guard Francisco Vasquez runs up the court, he sees Ronnie Moorman wide open in the corner. He drives to the basket. Ronnie then sees Brian Holmes cutting towards him. Ronnie fakes a layup, then throws an alley-oop pass to Brian. He jumps, grabs the ball, and slams the ball down hard on NBA center Patrick Ewing. This was one of the many highlight moments in game one of the USA Olympics Basketball Team qualifying series. Before we go any further, lets rewind to a time when these three all-stars didn’t know each other from a can of paint. In 1988 Francisco, Ronnie ,and Brian were sophomores at Redwood High school. Neither of the boys have ever formally met before, although they have had numerous classes together since 3rd grade. One day in the summer, the 3 boys were playing basketball at Rollertop Park. This was the start of a legacy. The boys were put on the same team, exchanging their first words and handshakes ever. They had an instant chemistry on the court, they won every game together, and ran almost every team they played off the court. They became friends, they hung out and played basketball all summer together. Next school year they decided to join their school’s basketball team. In the first week of practice , the coach said to all 3 boys “I love how you guys work together, its like you three have been doing this forever together.” He made them the starters of the team. They only lost 2 games that year. They won the County and State Championship. Since all 3 players were so unified on the court neither of the three wanted to be selected as MVP of the team. Senior year was here and basketball season was approaching. Francisco, Ronnie, and Brian were the most popular kids in school. They were Redwood Legends and they were only 17! The boys trained daily. Monday was speed and agility. Tuesday was strength. Wednesday was passing.

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