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Dressage Essay

  • Submitted by: eml317
  • on January 25, 2011
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Dressage is all about capturing the grace and power of the horse and using it to create a wonderful harmonic feeling between horse and rider.   Horses are naturally independent creatures and for humans to be able to train them to this extent is an amazing feeling.   It is a feeling worth all the time and hard work that must be put into dressage.
What Is Dressage?
The aim in dressage is perfection.   To find the perfect natural movement so that the wonderful flowing, supple, undisturbed action that horses display while running free through pastures can be reproduced by today‚Äôs horses in what we call dressage.
Although it sounds and looks quite simple, it is not that easy.   Just by sitting atop the horse, it ruins his natural balance and state of mind. Then, when you go to put him through the whole training process,   including lunging, riding, and other exercises, you are basically forced to take away most of his freedom -   his freedom of movement, his freedom of mind, and his freedom of will. Some people are discouraged when it comes to dressage.   They see dressage as very boring because there is not anything exciting about it.   In a certain way they are right.   Dressage may not be as fun as galloping across fresh green fields, soaring over six feet jumps or even doing thirteen feet sliding stops through freshly tilled dirt.   What they do not see is that there are really many wonderful moments to be made in dressage.   Moments like when the horse finally successfully completes his first canter pirouette(a complete 360 degree turn on the haunch while keeping the correct three beat canter rhythm) or when the horse suddenly understands a movement that you are trying to teach him.  
Then, there are some people that are just mentally and physically drawn to the discipline.   These people can actually understand how dressage works, and they are attracted to the never-ending challenge that is put forth for them.   They realize that each day you have to think...

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