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dress for sucess Essay

  • Submitted by: cassandraknd
  • on September 7, 2008
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Clothing is a universal language. People are able to tell much by what a person wears. Clothes can show where you are in society. .For thousands of years people have worn certain styles to show a specific class. What you wear to work is noticed and can give off ideas to people about how well you do or serious you are. Your first impression is based on what people see you wearing and how you present yourself, which gives out information on who you are. Appearance is a direct correlation between what you wear and who you are as a professional in a career.
Dressing for the part in a play is the same as for a job. Depending on what you wear, you’re telling the public something about yourself. “Your appearance should convey what you wish to appear to be: businesslike, vivacious, intelligent, appealing or whatever type of person you wish to be” (Sackhiem 29). People judge you and can get information “ as to your occupation, origin, personality, opinions, tastes and sexual desires and current mood ( Lurie 205). Other ways you present yourself include the way you do hair, as well as your “accessories, jewllry, makeup and body decoration” (Lurie 205).
Social status from the past yearsand currently in the present can be revealed through clothing. “In ancient Egypt only those in his gh positions could wear sandals; the Greeks and Romans controlled the type, color and number of garments worn and the sorts of embriodary with which they could be trimmed (Lurie 207). After that system sort of broke down the idea of how expensive something was gave you a place of status, “rich materials and superfluous trimmings and difficult to care for styles…(Lurie 207).The idea that judging people by their expensive clothing which would reflect their income. If you see someone dressed in rags you think of them as poor rather than someone dressed in expensive fabrics and designers.
During Medieval times Christianity was said to influence the clothing. “Sleeves and hems fell in length....

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