Dress Code For Women

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DRESS CODE FOR WOMEN? An expert in women studies has created an outrage in the country, with a recent comment which suggest that a universal dress code for women could end sexual harassment. The former department head of woman studies at Bangalore University says that a dress code should be maintained for all woman for their own good. Recently, Roadies, a reality show on MTV also questioned their contestants about the same topic. It was shocking to know that most of the contestants agreed to the fact that a woman's clothing depicts her character, which in turn causes attraction of the opposite gender, and eventually leads to rape. On one hand we proudly talk about the 64 years of independence in our country and boast about the rights that are entitled to each one of us and on the other hand we supress the freedom of expression. If a woman is comfortable in a specific attire and wants to carry it off, why stop her? Is the country seeing, or rather tending to see men as predators, who see women as mere sex objects? This backward mentality seems to be effecting the country largely. Why is it that the men are portrayed as an evil side in society? Why are the people of our country backward in thoughts and expression? Several questions arise in the mids of the younger generation, morover, the modernists of this generation. We believe in the saying- Guests are Gods. However, lately the saying has gone to the dogs. Many tourists are treated harshly and this tends to be drooping the shoulders of our country, reason being- Their dressing methods. Not only do they express their disgust but also spread the word among other nations. But, if only, all the women in the country were allowed to dress to their will and comfort, it might just stall the evil happenings in society. Why should we back away in the name of culture when the world's talking about a modern

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