Dred Scott: A Slave

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Want to tell about Dred Scott who was a slave. Dred Scott was born in Virginia I 1799, and he was owned by the Blow family. At a time the Blow family got financially problems, and Dred was sold to a Doctor. Because of the doctors job he had to travel a lot and he took Dred with him. On the trippes the doctor and Dred meet their wives. Some times they went to Illinois and Wisconsin, but there it were not allowed to have slaves. So when the doctor died, and Dred Scott was given to the doctor’s brother-in-law, Dred soud the Brother-in-law, because he did not believed he belongs to him anymore. Dred Scott, was the first African American to sue his owner. First Dred Scott was owned by the Blow family, but at a time the family got financially

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