Dreams in 'of Mice and Men'

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What do we learn about the hopes and dreams of the characters in the novella “Of Mice and Men”? Steinbeck was foremost a commentator on American society. Throughout the entire novella we are shown that the hopes and dreams of all migrant workers in the 1930’s, were unattainable. The scene is set in the 1930’s, just after the Wall Street crash, during the great depression. This shows us that no matter how hard they hoped and worked for their dream, it would eventually collapse, just like Wall Street. Every character I am going to comment on has or had a dream, in reality, they will never achieve. I will begin with Curley’s wife because, even though, she isn’t a migrant worker, she is still a prime example of loneliness and disappointment during the great depression. Throughout the novella, we become aware of just how lonely Curley’s Wife is, due to her hanging around the other men and craving their attention. She dresses in red high heels and wears red lipstick in order to attract the other men and gain their attention. We learn that she had a dream just like the other characters. Her dream is quite selfish compared to the other characters, not that everybody’s dream isn’t selfish, but she dreams of glamorisation and attention, whereas the other characters dream of owning their own land. Her dream was to be in the pictures, in the movies. But her mother forbids her from this. Therefore, she married Curley, after only knowing him for two weeks. She admits that she doesn’t even like Curley, that she only married him to escape her mother. I think Steinbeck chose to name this character ‘Curley’s Wife’ because it shows how unimportant she is, how she will never reach her dream and make something of herself. It also shows how she is Curley’s property and
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