Dreams Essay

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It is true, of course, that students wants incentives for giving help to others, but when students rely on volunteer work at school, donating clothes to charities, and raising money for the homeless; a more discompose reality emerges. A reality that donations act as a way to earn something without the effort of selfless act. Society now expects grades can be achieved without undermining the true value of education. Those student relying on bringing thousands of cans to school to bring up math grades. They are not the happiest student around. Other fellow students earned their grades through doing plethora of homeworks each day and hours of studying. It would be imprudent to think that this doesn’t affect the other students in any way. What example is this setting for students? What good does this provide? If one does work without receiving a reward,this will posses a strong maturity and self as demonstrated by a renewed focus in pursuit of education, while also displaying a broader perspective of the world if one does not rely on incitement. Helping feed those who have nothing to eat should be done with alacrity. The most honorable acts of charity and volunteerism are things that no one sees or acknowledges because those are the things that come from within the heart and not from the pride. During the super typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines thousands of Filipino’s volunteered to pack relief goods for the survivors who are in need of food, water, blankets, and clothes without a question of receiving a reward for doing so. Some nabob volunteers wanted to remain anonymous, to show empathy to those families that are affected.This showed that giving help to others should be out of kindness. Generalization are as useful as concrete cement on the wall, if one wholeheartedly gives without the reward it shows the true meaning of compassion and empathy that produces a much

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