Dreams Essay

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Tierra E. Bessick English 098 15 October 2014 Narrative/Descriptive If you never have a dream, you’ll never have a dream come true. –popular saying It all started as a normal girl’s night out. It was always just the three of us. Courtney and Aleeya were first cousins and they always went out together. It was the norm for them. However, I had just recently started going out. I had just ended a long eight year relationship, and now I had the extra free time to spend with my friends. On this particular night it was Aleeya’s turn to choose the destination. Her modeling agency was having an episode showing of the MTV show “Made,” so naturally that is where she wanted to go. Ever since I was a little girl, I had wanted to be a model. My family and friends always told me I had what it takes to be a model. I always had a slender yet petite frame. On our way there, Aleeya had mentioned her agent Antoine Johnson was going to be at the episode showing. She said that she would talk to him for me and introduce us, since I was interested in modeling too. I thought maybe he could see if I had what it takes or not. However, I had never modeled, and was a little scared if he would even give me a chance. When we finally arrived at the event, it was a little restaurant/bar located in South Philadelphia. The place was filled with many diverse people. We chose to sit at a small round table and ordered some appetizers. Courtney wanted to try the tofu, but that didn't seem to be appealing to my taste buds. So I decided to order the Buffalo wings to keep things simple. Aleeya was not hungry and was feeling antsy, so she ordered a Cosmopolitan drink to calm her nerves. After about an hour or so had passed and the show was over, Aleeya brought Antoine over to our table and introduced him to me. He had a slender build, and seemed as though he

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