Dreams Essay

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Nearly everyone has a dream in life that they desperately want to accomplish. Without these dreams people wouldn’t strive to accomplish what makes them happy. Sometimes happiness might be hard to reach because of obstacles faced in life. The obstacles which one faces and how they can overcome them are commented in Anne Lauren’s Carter short story “Leaving the Iron Lung”. In order for the author to show that one must overcome faced obstacles to pursue their dreams, she uses the protagonist, contrasting characters and symbols. In the short story “Leaving the Iron Lung” Carter emphasizes on the character Pauline to show how her physical condition limits her to accomplish her dreams. For example, when Pauline is yelling at the top of her lungs while watching hockey night in Canada triggering her mother to become angry at her, Agatha, Pauline’s mother, “[clicks] across the kitchen floor” to hurl at Pauline who waits with her “[shrivel] legs”(2). The state of Pauline’s legs show that she cannot run from her frustrated mother and therefore is frozen on her favorite window seat(2). Her polio restrains her from avoiding mischief she has caused. Even more revealing is when Pauline “[watches] other kids” walk to school as she sits indoors and waits for her mother’s lessons (2). Watching the children walk to school shows that Pauline desires to go with them but cannot because of her polio leaving her no choice but to be homeschooled. Lastly, when Pauline turns away from her mother after being yelled at for playing with her metal Leaf men, she sees her father skating “smooth eight figures” around the backyard rink. She then wishes she can “fly” like her father “powerful” and “free” (2). Pauline’s desire shows she desperately wants to skate and feel freedom. However, to her this is only a dream and in her mind she cannot achieve it. Unfortunately, Pauline is restricted
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