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Dream or Reality We all have dreams, most of which we forget even before we wake up, but there’s always that one that stands out, the one that you remember for years. The real question is, do those dreams have any correlation to our waking life, or are they just fragments of illusion put together by our brains in an uncharacteristic fashion? “Dreams have been a source of interest for people. As far back as the time of the Book of Genesis”(The Main Event 149). For centuries theorists like Sigmund Freud and Carl Gustav Jung have been analyzing and interpreting dreams, although they both have had some great theories, psychoanalysis will always have an indecisive conclusion. It’s no simple task to interpret a dream, but with the right steps, anyone could make just as educated of a guess as Freud or Jung. After all a dream is still to this day a guess. In order to interpret one of my dreams, I broke the process down into a more simple analysis starting with a summary of a popular theory of a qualified psychoanalyst, a summary of my dream, application of the theory to my dream without knowledge of my waking life, and lastly application of the theory to my dream with knowledge of my waking life. In order to properly interpret a dream, one must relate it to a popular theory of someone with a bit more understanding on the subject. In this case I chose to relate my Martinez 2 dream with the general hypotheses of Carl Gustav Jung. Jung was a Swiss Psychologist as well as a Psychiatrist who followed up on the teaching of Sigmund Freud with a little more to say about the subject, some for and some opposed. It would be impossible to summarize everything that Jung stood for in the field of dream interpretation, but at the same time, many of his thoughts were very simple and easy to grasp as well as relate to. Jung wrote, “Dream analysis stands or falls with the

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