Dreamlogue of Kate Essay

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Dreamlogue of Kate 1.Entry Kate had a really good lawyer school, but she was working as an ordinary office girl in a very big and important lawyer company. She´s obscure and almost anybody were interested in her and she was still sad. Fortunately, she had a dog, called Aaron. He is a golden retriever and really clever. He was always trying to make her happy, but when he almost got up to her happiness, she experienced some bad things at her work. Her dream was to achieve something great, because she wanted to be esteemed and avowed. To reach this goal, she will have to do a lot of hard work, especially in her mind. 2.Entry She was always disesteeming by colleagues, but by herself, too. This was very bad for her and for her pomposity, too. Fortunately, one day he met one special guy in a café. He intercedes to talk with her and they continued in their dialogue for a long two hours. Than each other had to go home, so they changed their phone numbers. On the next day, that guy (called Sam) phoned her and invited her to a date. She started to be happy but she was still disesteeming herself. Sam realized that he should help her, because almost anybody can get out of this state on his own. Everybody needs someone to help and Sam realized that he love Kate. 3.Entry Sam was still working on Kate´s happiness, but she still can´t believe, that she can reach it and that she can be loved by someone. She thought that she is ugliest on the world, but in real, she was beautiful. After Sam gave her wellness layover as a gift, she started realizing that she may reach her goal. Sam was talking to her for each time it was possible and trying to boost up her mind and persuade her to go to her boss, to ask him for a higher salary, because she was working from early morning to lately evening and have almost no spare time. She got a lot of energy and courage, which she

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