Dreamlike Stone Essay

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Alex Lo, Tamina Wang, Ivy Lin Mr.Flahive Literature G10DP 8 Jan 2014 Dreamlike Stone In the midnight ‘Circus Of Dream’ secretly came, no one could really remember them. The circus remained as a mystery only until it was to arrive in town. Happiness was waiting. “Next station - Wonderland, we are going to party tonight,” everyone laughed. This was how the circus bonded - giving comfort when in pain and sharing laughter while in happiness. The sound of the circus screamed out like an innocent little girl whose lollipop just got stolen by a middle-age businessman in the small town “Wonderland”. The large sound of the circus woke everyone up in the town. “What’s going on, dad?” said a cute little boy, named Benjamin “Nothing” Benjamin woke up in the morning, “the dream was so strange,” he muttered to himself. After finishing his breakfast, he ran to practice his magic show. “I'm the best magician now, no one could ever be better than me!” For all day he had been practicing, the trick bored him, Every trick he had learnt so far he could do it in a more effective way. However, he could never learn the skills of Zenon, the master of this circus. There was something peculiar about Zenon’s tricks. When he is preforming he is so powerful and particularly strange, like an imagination world full of magic. For all this time, Benjamin was still unable to fulfill his dream to take on the tricks of Zenon. He was upset. He was so eager to learn it as his passion for magic burns like a fire. Each time he asked Zenon to teach him, “No!” was the reply he would receive. Benjamin was hurt by the harsh words and felt mad about this so he tried to find a way to learn it. He wanted to be better than Zenon. (A month later.) “Benjamin, the world magician competition has begun, go to this competition, if you win i have a surprise for you!” Zenon said. For days

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