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Lisa Robinson February 6th, 2014 If you don't know what the DREAM Act is, pull up a chair and open your ears. The DREAM Act is a bill formally introduced back in March 2011, that would allow undocumented students to receive state tuition asst. if they meet certain requirements. Such requirements include: be in school, graduate, have a GED, be in the military, no criminal record and 16 years of age upon entering the US (Farley). Easy right? wrong the government put this out there but have not done anything with it. They have yet to say who is going to provide those funds or who is going to be fundraising, this is the problem that needs to be solved. Every Human being on this earth is important and so is their dream. We need to open the door to the DREAMers. Undocumented Immigrants should be allowed federal assistance from and funded by the government. As we all know the economy today could be so much better, we have problems with unemployment, gay marriage and more. Being students we can closely relate with undocumented students being denied federal assistance for college education. That could easily be African American students just because we are who we are like 100 years ago. Immigrants come to the United States because of it's faulty promises like we are supposed to be the land of the free but your silenced and denied because of your race. We have plenty American students that aren't even interested in furthering their education, then we have those that flunk out and waste more money. That could be the money going towards an undocumented student in need. Why can't the government see this? in 2010 we have approx. 2.2 mil undocumented students in the US who are college age or younger. Of the 2.2 mil not even 25 percent of them go on to college (International Office of UTA). You constantly hear negative slurs, racial comments and people do nothing.

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