Dreamers Essay

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I think that “Dreamers” should be able to apply for licenses because they need a way of transportation and they cannot be relaying on bus schedules. They need time to go to school and work or to buy books. Being on a bus just consist of waiting hourly to get there. Also why would you be denying a license to someone who has all the requirements to apply for a license? Immigration lawyers counter that the president’s directive will make Dreamers legally presented in the country which entitles them to Arizona drivers’ licenses. Arizona law requires drivers’ licenses be issued to those lawfully present under federal immigration law. So if they are legally presented and they have the status check to apply for a license they should be able to get licenses. Despite the fact that they are being legally presented after the dream act, Ben Winograd, staff attorney for the American Immigration Council in Washington said, “As a matter of federal immigration law, the governor’s office is simply wrong” Dreamers, he says, “are considered to be lawfully present despite lacking valid immigration status.” Also a lot of states might take in considerations that they should pass a law to grant dreamers for license but really they are eligible to get a license under deferred action. The cause of this issue is that the dream is giving them a work permit and giving them some rights to be here but not saying they have all the rights as if you were being granted citizenship. I believe that there are a lot of things still to be done. They are things to be done like granting them the right to a driver’s license because you are just saying yes you can study and work here but you cannot be driving. I mean despite the fact of the driver license people that don not have one will still drive. No matter how much you say they cannot get a driver’s license the 80,000 will still run the risk of

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