Dream Visions of the Plains Indians Anthropology Essay

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Dream Visions of the Plains Indians The American Plains Indians tribes stretched from the Mississippi River all the way up to Canada. There were many tribes that fell into this region; the Lakota, Cherokee, Cheyenne and Blackfoot to name a few. This particular group of indians is known for dependence on buffalo, the use of teepees, religious ceremonies and war customs. (Plains Tribes) While they did hunt many kinds of animals, as well as fish, the buffalo was their most important natural resource. Unlike any other animal, the buffalo provided them with all three of their basis needs; shelter, food and clothing. These tribes traversed the plains following the buffalo which roamed the plains in search of food and water. This nomadic lifestyle let to the necessity to develop shelters that were easily transportable, quick assembly and dismantle, yet provide adequate shelter from the sometimes harsh elements. Hence the teepee was an excellent choice. The poles and hides, when not being used as shelter, were tied together, loaded down and pulled behind the horses. No part of the buffalo went to waste. The hides were used for to make shelters, clothes, shoes and blankets. The meat was dried, the fat used for oil and light, and the bladders and stomaches made excellent canteens and pouches. The horns made utensils and tools and the tails used for whips and ties. (Plains Tribes) These tribes, as well as most Native American Indians, believed in many spirits (gods). These spirit gods represented mother earth, the moon, stars, the sun, the For many, a dream is just a dream. It has no hidden meaning or message. Psychologist say that dreaming is our subconscious trying to make sense of things in our lives. (science.howitworks) For the Plains American Indians, dreams and visions are one of the most important aspects of their lives. The Plains Indians

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