Dream Interpretation Essay

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The Unconscious Mind: Freud vs Jung To interpret dreams can possibly give insight into what many of us consider it to be true understanding of ourselves. Two of the most reputable names in psychoanalysis and dream interpretation are Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud. Dreams have had a huge impact and have been a big part of psychotherapy for the last few centuries as a window to the deeper meanings of conscious thoughts. They are a playground for thoughts or ideas to roam uninhibited. Dreams can be a way to help diagnose or define a person’s problems. Most people who suffer from depression, a specific study shows, are thought to recover without treatment because of their ability to work through their problems while they are asleep. The author gives an example of a dream, and attempts to interpret the dream using Sigmund Freud’s method of dream analysis, and how Freud may understand this dream today. “Freud saw dreams as deeply buried wishes disguised by symbols, and a way to gratify desires unacceptable to the conscious mind. His ideas endured for years, until scientists started systematically studying dream content and decided that actually, something less exotic is going on.”The author explains that dreams embellish how we see the world around us. He also relates the complexity of dreams to the maturity of a child or person. Freud thought of the unconscious as a container underlying the conscious mind. In this container it is thought to contain events of rejection and those that have not been encountered yet, as well as feelings, thoughts and experiences of the resenting conscious mind. According to Freud sexuality drives the force within living and the underlying unconscious contains only feelings, thoughts, exepriences, and frustrations of unfilulfilled sexual desires. Jung suggests two layer of the unconscious. The first of the two is a personal unconscious

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