Dream Interpretation Essay

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Dreams, and their deeper meanings by Sigmund Freud. I. Freud’s life began on May 6, 1856 in Freiberg with is family which later moved to Vienna. A. The family surrounded their lives around their son, favoring him over the other children (AROPA). B. Freud after school began the study of dream interpretation and soon became referred as the “Father of psychoanalysis”(Freud 42). C. His studies began to broaden to studies of Cocaine and its effects on the brain (Freud). II. According to Freud, there were several ways of defining the definition of dream interpretation. A. One way the renowned psychologist defined this psychoanalysis, was that “ A dream is a distinguished fulfillment of a repressed wish”(AROPA). B. Another definition of the dream interpretation, “The interpretation of dreams has, as its object, the removal of the disguise, to which the dreamer has its thoughts subjected”(AROPA). III. Throughout the studies of psychology there are several theories in how to depict in the inner meanings of the dream, which included other very known psychologists beside Freud himself. A. Freud’s theories were very crude and to the point where as some found it perverted (Publishers). B. For Freud’s techniques of depicting such cryptic like meanings within dreams, he set basic ways to understand them. 1. One way of understanding the dreams he had to gain a personal connection with the client, in order to understand the reasons for the dreams they were having (Publishers). C. He also believed that the dreams were not “provided by the latent dream-thoughts or day’s residues”(AROPA). D. Some of Freud’s techniques and theories were offensive to some, and just preposterous to others. 1. Carl Jung is one the famous psychologist who did not agree

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