Dream House Essay

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My dream house would be located on the countryside. I wouldn’t like to live on apartment in the city because I don’t like somewhere narrow and some noise from neighbor. I would like my house to be the house that surrounded by nature, where I can find fresh air in the morning. It has a large garden all around the house and has a beautiful path with many trees and flowers besides so in your free-time you can take care of them, really interesting. The wall is made from stone with light brown color because the stone will cool down the temperature. When you come in, you can see a magnificent hall with a modern sofa and a glass table, some armchair in the corner of the room and a big TV in the wall opposite the door. All of the floors are made of solid wood. All the walls are a pearly white. There are large windows which we enjoy beautiful natural scenes. Living room, kitchen and library are in the first floor wide open with no walls. The kitchen has a brown and light green colors. The living room has a wonderful see view. In the center of the room there is a special activity that is TV set for the video games. It also has sliding door open to the garden. In the second floor there are three bedrooms. My bedroom is very comfortable place for me. On the side of the room there is a king size bed and a simple dresser. On the other side there is a large balcony to see anything around you. It has a comfortable armchair in the corner of the room to enjoy your teacup. The third floor contains a gusts room for my family and friends when they sleep over. The special thing in my house is the outside space behind the house where you can have a party or ideal eating outside with your friends and family, there are many activities to enjoy with them such as camping, BBQ party, and especially I can put up the tent for my chilling night as well. The neighborhood is quiet and safe. You

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