Dream Big for the Future Essay

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Dream big for the future... In the words of Eleanor Roosevelt, "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." Here I am. An eighteen year old girl entering her final year of school. The year that determines the rest of my future. I have seen many people dream of and plan their entire future, yet their dreams hardly ever amount to anything. As a young girl, I too am filled with endless dreams. Dreams that I hope to one day, make a reality. I was sixteen years old when my grandfather was diagnosed with lung cancer. The helplessness and anger that pulsated through me at that time still brings heartwrenching pain whenever I think of his final days. A burning desire flowed through me , a desire to become one of the greatest doctors the world had ever seen. I dream of making a difference and saving lives. I dream of finding the cures of diseases that had previously left mankind perplexed. I dream if being Dr Jennifer Ever since I had watched "Titanic" as a naive thirteen year old, I had dreamt of a fairytale romance and finding the allusive "Prince Charming". I want to find him and to fall in love. My perfect wedding on a beach... My prince on a white horse... I dream of experiencing the thrill of being someones every desire. I dream of having a family. Two sons whom I will name Yusuf and Amaan. A daughter who will be named after my beloved grandmother. Yes. I am aware that love and marriage is not a bed of roses. But, just like every other girl my age, I too dream of the perfect love. Lastly, I dream of touring the world, experiencing different cultures and speaking in different tounges. I want to visit the home of William Shakespeare , to float on the Rive Thames , fall in love at the top of the Eiffel Tower and smile beside the Mona Lisa. I want to be kissed in Times Square at the dawn of a new year and dance with the

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