Dream Act Essay

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The Dream Act and the Affects It Has on Undocumented Present/Future College Students The Dream act is a piece of Legislative proposal passed on August 15th, 2012. The Dream act allows many opportunities for people under the age of 31. This act addresses many things such as; further education for young people that qualify, and anti-deportation. The Dream act targets undocumented kids who came into this country before the age of 16, and grants them with the opportunities they would not usually have. The education part of this act allows student applying for college or someone already in college with the opportunity to have government assistance with paying your tuition. Although the Dream act is beneficial, it is only a temporary solution to the ongoing problem America faces when it comes to undocumented immigrants. The Dream Act encourages higher education by saying if you meet certain criteria’s such as being accepted into a university, as a way to be granted with permanent residency. The Dream act provides these individuals with a structured temporary solution because it would ultimately result in tens of thousands of highly qualified, well educated people which can be productive in society and within our economy. Most undocumented students were not able to apply for any type of government assistance when it came to paying a college tuition. Not being able to apply for government assistance is due to the legal status of the individual. The lack of a social security meant that the individual would not qualify for any financial aid. The lack of government assistance lead to some students not being able to attend colleges because they simply couldn’t afford it or because they weren’t able to provide a social security number . The United States of America would benefit from granting these undocumented people permanent residency. An example of benefiting

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