Dreadful Sorry book review

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17-yr-old Molly is the main character in ‘Dreadful Sorry’ by Kathryn Reiss. She has the same terrifying nightmare, time and time again, and an overwhelming fear of water. After nearly drowning at a pool party, her dream occurs more frequently and she finds herself haunted by visions that feel more like memories. When Molly has these visions, she is back in the early 1900s as Clementine Horn, the girl from her nightmare. Molly finds that she has a series of connections to this girl. For example, in the past, Clementine had a lover named Hob and now in the present a guy named Jared likes Molly. The theme of reincarnation is portrayed through these relationships. This theme is quite predictable; it is obvious early in the book that Molly is a reincarnation of Clementine and Jared is a reincarnation of Hob. The theme of romance is also conveyed through the relationships between these characters. Molly and Clementine also have similar personalities. When Molly refuses to get into the water at her swimming lesson, she shows that she is tough and stubborn. Clementine also shows these characteristics as she is very determined to do what SHE wants to do. They are both very intelligent; Molly is the top student at West River Academy and Clementine was a top student at her school. In contrast, Molly didn’t like Clementine near the end of the book because she found her very selfish, but her stepmother Paulette tried to be more understanding. I also found Clementine selfish and not a very likeable character, but I understand Paulette’s point of view. I really like how the author interwove a rhyme into the story. I’m sure most of you know “Oh My Darling Clementine” which is a famous catchphrase of Huckleberry Hound who would sing it horrendously off-key. The song is about a bereaved lover who is singing about his
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