dreadful event in my life

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Everybody has some alarming events in their life and so do I. In the book Tuesdays with morrie, there was a person called Mitch, a young student, who had done many mistakes in his life. He was well advised by Morrie (his professor) about what to do in life and what not to do in life. Mitch wanted to be a musician and Morrie supported him with his decision of being a musician and told him that it is good to do whatever one likes to do. He also said to Mitch to not just run after money. Then too, after graduating, instead of being a musician, he became a journalist, just for the sake of money. Then he regrets later in his life, which reminded me of one incident that had taken place in my life. I distinctly remember the time when I was about eighteen years old. I was really scared when I chopped (slightly cut) my index finger with a putty knife. It was and I suppose will always be the scariest incident of my life. It was my first day at work and was my first job ever in my life. My supervisor had given me a job to remove all the sticky tape from the back of the office signboards. He handed me the putty knife and said that it would make it easier for me to remove that tape with its help. He also trained me about how to use that knife for removing the tape. So I was working well on the chore given to me and was carefully following my supervisor’s instructions for the first five or ten minutes. Then I started feeling hungry and so I thought that I should finish this work really quickly and then head out for a lunch break. Therefore, to get over with the work quickly, I started doing it the fast, which happened to be incorrect. I knew that I was not using the knife the right way, but I ignored that realization as my supervisor’s method was excessively time consuming for me. I was feeling dizzy, as I had not eaten anything since morning. Thus, my main concern was to

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