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The shadings I did consists of 4 different drawings in which I used different techniques to bring out the darkness and lightness of areas. When it comes to shading, I do a lot of thinking before actually putting my pencil on the paper and doing dark and light areas. I try to look at the object or in this case, the pictures that I have in front of me and see if I can make it unique in my way. That’s why for these shadings, I didn’t copy exact details of the picture and shade the same way the artists of these drawings did. I can’t argue with type of shading I mostly did because I usually like to involve both high tone and low tone in one image. That’s why, all my drawings have both light areas and dark areas which really helps to make it 3D. In other words, you can identify the far pieces of the object since they’re darker and the ones closer to the audience’s eyes are lighter. And when you take the drawing and put it far away, you can see the colors almost blend into each other that creates a unifying mood. Proportion also plays a big role in my drawings. I always like my drawings to be the center of attention and that’s why I usually place them in the middle of the page and draw them at a suitably large size. In one of my drawings, I used continues lines which really helped me to get the form of the gesture right. Also, I got me to work better with pencils since it requires shading and I had to press on my pencil harder to get some of the harder tones. I personally had a lot of fun with this project. I would consider shading one of my best areas. I was successful with getting the images that I had in front of me and copying them with my own style. I believe that the ones I drew have the same shape and form. I had a few difficulties with some of the drawings. The first time I did one of the loose gestures which is of a woman, I took my pencil off the page. When I

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